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The reactions of some people here make me think they’ve never understood what disco music is about.. Who the Fu#k came up with this lame list whom ever don’t know sh#t about what was hot in the clubs back in the DAY.

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It’s about dancing, it’s about smiling, it’s about not taking everything too serious, it’s about loving (especially physically ? Where is all this complaining coming from for a topic which is – in the world we live in – more than irrelevant.. Use spotify or itunes lists for example Ritchie Family Give Me A Break AlbumI personally like this offered list here, cause it has personality and it’s not generated by any bots, but made by a regardful person (or group).. Give Me a Break, 1980 Listen The Ritchie Family — Life Is Fascination Brazil Life Is Fascination — The Ritchie Family Brazil, 1975.. Therefore music is a too subjective matter If you want a standard billboard list about disco music with all the big names everyone knows then there are a lot of possibilities in the web.. you get the idea !!!!Genesis v2100 mountain bike review Assuming the machine is in good working order and that you ride sensibly (i.

the ritchie family give me a break

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who made this ranking (?) An idiot who never stepped on a dance floor ? I’m not asking to put the idiot theme (funkytown) but if Major Groups that are not.. At least they didn’t got touched by the vibe and soul of disco It’s not about hate.. e Don't abuse your bike) and not in nasty weather a lot (muddy and snowy rides accelerate wear), the following guidelines will keep your two-wheeler running trouble free for years. Channel Studio Pro 10 Crack Free Download

the ritchie family give me a break album

One Patrick Adams track? Nothing from Cerrone? Nothing from Rinder & Lewis?No Gregg Diamond, not even Peter Jacques, let alone Don Ray as mentioned below and I think I missed anything produced or mixed by Tom Moulton.. Listen The Ritchie Family As someone who has been spinning disco records (note the word record) for over 35 years I think I can speak with some authority when I say this is the worse 100 Greatest Disco 12″ I have ever seen.

ritchie family give me a break lyrics

It was clearly compiled by someone who has no idea what disco is Just to remind everyone, it’s music to dance to, loosen your inhibitions and make you feel good.. The Hues Corporation The Andrea True Connection Anita Ward Vicki Sue Robinson Labelle Love Unlimited Orchestra.. if you know ANYTHING about this music genre you would never leave out The Trammps Gloria Gaynor Barry White McFadden & Whitehead KC and The Sunshine Band A Taste of Honey Amii Stewart Sylvester Village People Kool & The Gang Lipps Inc.. It’s just a list of disco-music releases – not more and not less Generally I think it’s impossible to list tracks seriously by any value.. Whilst there are a few tracks on the list that would pass muster in a ‘Best of Disco’ list, the ommissions are staggering.. This list has no cred!!! Really had to make a login just to answer to all this unnecessary hate here in this discussion.. !Van McCoy, Hues Corporation, Dinasty, VMCrew, Rufus & Chacka khan, Chocolate Milk, Ray P Junior and Raydio, Salsoul Orchestra, Fat Larry Band, People’s Choice, Rick James, Cameo, Lakeside, MFSB, The O’Jays and The Three Degrees, Boney M, Silver Convention, Cerrone, Ginno Soccio, a taste of honey and many more this Ranking is a Real Shit •.. Sorry, but whoever did this list has a very poor knowledge of disco But please. 34bbb28f04